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Hi everyone! Welcome to my page!

Please check out my gallery.

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deviation in storage by HaruDelRey


United States

Hi everyone! Welcome to my lovely page XD! I decided to update this description thing again...but I still don't know what to type. I normaly make pictures and videos using MMD or just draw random pictures. I hope you guys like my stuff!

:icondeangagatr: I love the model edits you make!!! You're super nice and you're an awesome friend. You're so much fun to talk to and you always make my day. :)
:iconlittlefoxkirby: We go to the same school and talk a lot! You're such a cool person and I can actually talk about video games around you. Because you're like...the only person I know that plays Nintendo games. XD
:iconmidnighterss: HEY GURL! We also go to the same school and we talk to each other non stop! You're my bodyguard and you won't let any upperclassmen hurt me XD. You are mah best friend and I love hanging out with you. :D
:iconminimoonheart454: My MMD buddie!!!!! You're so awesome!!! You make the coolest videos and you always make me smile. We're going to be friends until the end of time. WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT! :iconimhappyplz:
:icondancer40320: Er mah gerd I've known you for such a long time and you have been such an amazing friend. You're art is crazy good and you're such a nice person to talk to you. Haha! I remember when we met on flipnote. Your art inspires me so much! :happybounce:
:iconmromega6609: Hey buddy!!! You are super cool and an awesome person to talk to. And your birthday is a day after mine. HOW COOL IS THAT!?!?!?! Haha! We need to talk sometime cuz we haven't talked in a while. :)
:iconsakurie152: WASSUP GURL!?!?!?! We also met on flipnote so we've known each other for a super long time! Your such an awesome person and your art is so amazing and cute! (I still cant believe you just got a tablet!) You're super funny and smart and you always make me laugh. XD
:iconvort88: Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey! How you doin' man? We also met each other on flipnote and we've been friends for such a long time. You're super cool, nice, and funny :). You also know about the delicate art of flipping tables XD.
:iconsebasssj: Good God I've met a ton of people on flipnote XD. You're sooooo awesome and fun to talk to! You know always make me laugh. :D
:iconcloudsandpie: Another awesome friend of mine XD. We met at a summer camp and have been friends ever since. We have so much in common and have so many things in common. You're an awesome friend! GO MAWNLOWER AND THE POSERS!
:iconlink-pikachu: You're super nice and a really sweet person. You are the type of person that loves to be nice and friendly. You were one of my first watchersand you gave me tons of motivation when I needed oit. Plus you're drawings are just so adorable!!! :heart:
:iconxitselectric: You are such a nice person! You have a big heart and your art is so cute!!! You were also one of my first watchers. Thanks for watching me for so long! :hug:
:iconshinako-tan: You missy are one heck of a super totally awesome person XD. You gave me tons of motivation when I needed it and you're art is absolutely amazing!!!! Keep up the good work! :squee:
:iconbestfriens: Oh god...I don't even know where to start with you XD. We've known each other since second grade and you have been such an amazing friend. You always make me smile and laugh. We're going to be best friends until the end of time and I know you'll always be here to laugh at me when I fall up the stairs. XD
:iconchan-sook: Heeey buddy where have you been!?!?!?! We need to talk some more! You're such a cool person and I miss you so much! I need to know if you're still alive because I'm so worried about you! BABY COME BACK! YOU CAN BLAME IT ALL ON ME!
Why did you deactivate your account? WHYYYYYYY!?!? You were so cool! I command you to come back to deviantart so we can talk!
:iconmoonbambi: You're a great friend and an amazing person to talk to! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!?!?! I need to know that you're alive so I can stop worrying so much!
:iconkusuru: Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey man!!!! You have been such an awesome friend and you are super cool!
:iconxiaoxmei: I NEED TO KNOW IF YOU'RE OK!!! You left right when all of these horrible tornadoes came! PLEASE STILL BE ALIVE!!!!!!!! I'm so worried about you! :(
:icontouko-p: You have some epic models! When You added me as a watcher I swear I almost fell out of my seat. XD
:iconxkyarii: Your models are soooooooooo cool! You're really nice and a super cool person. :heart:
:icondude7809: You are just a really awesome person XD. You have amazing art too!
:iconkurupururin: Your art is so FABULOUS!!!!!! I don't think we've gotten the chance to talk. We should chat sometime!
:iconmmdshylamb486: Your models are just so...WOW! You're really nice and you're a super hard worker. :)
:icondaikirei: Your art is amazing and you're really nice! We haven't really had the chance to talk to each other. We should chat sometime! :D
:iconseoullatte: You are just so sweet. You are such an amazing person. I'm so glad that you found my Deviantart account! Oh and thanks again for the lifetime supply of cookies XD.
:iconmalik-hatsune: It's almost hard to believe that we literally met a few hours ago. You are supper cool and an awesome person. It's scary how much we have in common XD. Your MMD models are awesome and you're such a hard worker. You're so much fun to talk to! And your webcam picture is hilarious. XD
:iconanee-hatsune: You're so awesome and friendly. You're artwork is absolutely fabulous!!!! I'm so glad we got to chat! :icongrin--plz:
:iconpendragonkaruso: You're a really nice person and you have the coolest pictures in your gallery. :D
:iconblindkid1: Eww it's you...hahaha! Just kidding! You're super cool and totally awesome. We also go to the same school. Don't you dare grow taller than meee! XD
:iconshinkaisummit: You're super sweet and you have an awesome personality! You pictures and drawings are totally FABULOUS!!!!!!
:iconsaviours: WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH ARIANA??? Haha, just kidding! XD
:iconmmdfantasy1126: You're super awesome and so kind. You're so much fun to talk to! You make the CUTEST MMD pictures!
wsaidhawefhnweshfijskfhs you're just so fabulous! XD

Don't be afraid to talk to me. I promise I wont bite. :heart: :happybounce:

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.:Pure:. by Animefreak291
Ahhh...I'm not good at coming up with names for the pictures that I make. XD
I didn't really feel like making a video today so I decided to make a quick picture instead.
I guess I'm gonna go watch some football now. XD
I hope you all like the picture! ^_^

Model by :iconcrystallyna: TDA and Sega
I forgot who made the stage. >_<


  • Mood: Lmao
.:Chasing Happiness:. by Animefreak291
.:Chasing Happiness:.
Just a quick picture I made while I was working on my balloon tutorial. 
Here's the link if you would like to read it. ^_^

MMD Balloon Effect Tutorial!

I hope you all like the picture! :happybounce: 
The model is by KanekoRanou (on bowlroll) and tda 
I'm not sure who made the stage. >_<
MMD Balloon Effect Tutorial! by Animefreak291
MMD Balloon Effect Tutorial!
This tutorial was requested by :iconminimoonheart454:
Sorry for taking so long to make it. >_<
Hopefully it's not too hard to understand. If you have any
questions just leave a comment and I'll try my best to 
answer it. :D
Should I make more tutorials? If so...what should they
focus on? I hope this helps you guys! 

The model I used in the last picture is by KanekoRanou (on bowlroll) and tda

I'm not sure who made the stage. >_<

Here's a link to the picture at the bottom if you want 
to see it all by itself.
.:Chasing Happiness:.
.:Sparkles!:. by Animefreak291
I wanted to use her so...I made a picture! Woooo! XD
I really need to start on my homework....derp.
Hope you guys like the picture. :D

Model by :iconchocofudge98: :iconwoobak: and TDA
Hearts by :iconcrumelody:
Stage by NuRuTeKa (on bowlroll)
Cyber rings by :iconduekko:

  • Mood: Lmao

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